More info

  • Route: Around 1350 kms / 13,500 D +
  • Date: April 13 to 20, 2024 (deadline for arrival)
  • Departure: Pays Basque
  • Reception on April 12, 2024
  • Complete autonomy for the course, accommodation, food, clothing , GPS battery… and without assistance.
  • 7 compulsory crossing points*
  • The GPS tracker is provided by the organization, for the duration of the event. To confirm your registration, we will receive a check for 150 euros for the deposit. The check will be destroyed when the plotter is returned at the end of the Desertus Bikus experience. A usb cable will also be provided to you, to recharge the beacon (normally once). On the monitoring site, the battery life is displayed. In case of end of discharge, we will send you a text message.
  • Registration deadline: February 1, 2024
  • Helmet and front / rear lights mandatory
  • Electronic Assistance Bike prohibited
  • After receipt of your payment, the organization will send you the contact details of the crossing points (4CP + arrival).
  • In case of abandonment, each competitor will be autonomous to enter. We warn and we generate the beacon.
  • In case of loss or non-return of the beacon, the caution check will be debited.
  • Once registered, no possibility of refund.

For the logistics of return, we leave you some information to facilitate your research:

  • Many flights from Lisboa airport (50kms)
  • Many trains to Lisboa station
  • Return by bike for some 😉

Alone with your bike and your calves, experience the Desertus Bikus adventure! We let you set the atmosphere of the 1st Paris / Dakar of the 80s!

*Following anticipations of the triggering of the beacon around the CPs and certain non-passage to the exact coordinates of the CPs, this year the passage to the exact coordinates of the CPs is compulsory. Failure to pass to the exact coordinates of the CPs will lead to an out-of-classification. We are not here to impose penalties, we are not interested in that, but we want an equal test for everyone.